Uttarpradesh One District One Product Scheme
Uttarpradesh One District One Product Scheme

Uttarpradesh One District One Product Scheme

About the scheme

Uttar Pradesh Government recently launched the “One District – One Product” for making the Uttar Pradesh state something different from other state by the generalization identification of crafts,The ambitious “One District – One Product” programme of the Uttar Pradesh government aims to encourage specific crafts and products of Uttar Pradesh which are not 1available anywhere else in the country, such as ancient and nutritious kalanamak rice, rare and unimaginable wheat stalk crafts, world famous chikankari, zari-zardozi work on clothes, very complex craft work from horns and bones obtained from dead animals, which is a nature-friendly alternative to ivory. etc. Many of these products are g.i. Tag means geographical identification plaque holders. These are the products which identify the location specific.

Objective of this project

  • Preservation and development of local crafts / skills and promotion of arts
  • To resolve issues of economic disparity and regional imbalance
  • To take ODOP products to national and international markets
  • Increase in incomes/local employment, thus minimising migration for jobs
  • Improvement in product quality and skill development
  • Assistance in key areas – technology, skill development, infrastructure, and finance
  • Resolve the issues of economic difference and regional imbalance
  • Increase overall exports of the selected products
  • To connect the production with tourism (Live demo and sales outlet – gifts and souvenir)

Benefit Of this scheme

One District One Product (ODOP) Of Uttar Pradesh: In a state as vast as Uttar Pradesh – a geographical expanse of 2,40,928 sq km, a population of 204.2 million people a great diversity in all facets of life lies there. There are varied terrains, diverse crops and foods, diverse climates in the state of UP so very diverse community traditions and economic pursuits exist there. The great and beautiful diversity of crafts and industries in Uttar Pradesh are seen in small towns and small districts known for interesting and astonishing products typical of that area.

The UP government’s One District, One Product Scheme aims to encourage such indigenous and specialized products and crafts. There are products in UP that are found nowhere else – like the ancient and nutritious Kala Namak Rice, the rare and intriguing Wheat-stalk Craft, World-famous Chikankari and Zari-zardozi work on clothes, and the intricate and stunning horn and bone work that uses the remains of dead animals. Asafoetida, Desi ghee, Fancy glassware, Bedsheets, Jaggery, Leather Goods are also produced in the various districts of UP.

The Key objectives of the One District One Product Scheme of Uttar Pradesh are as follows:

  • Preservation and progress of local crafts/skills and promotion of the art.
  • Increase in the incomes and local employment (resulting in decline in migration for employment).
  • Upgrading in product quality and skill development.
  • Transforming the products in a creative way (through packaging, branding).
  • To unite the production with tourism (Live demo and sales outlet – gifts and souvenir).
  • To resolve the issues of economic difference and regional imbalance.
  • To take the concept of ODOP to national and international level after successful implementation at State level.

Here is the complete list of Products under the One District One Product (ODOP) Scheme of Uttar Pradesh.

AgraLeather Products
AligarhLocks and Hardware
Ambedkar NagarTextile Products
AmethiMoonj Products
AmrohaMusical Instruments
AuraiyaFood Processing (Desi Ghee)
AzamgarhBlack Pottery
BaghpatHome Furnishing
BahraichWheat-Stalk Handicrafts
BalrampurFood Processing (Pulses)
BandaShazar Stone Craft
BarabankiTextile Products
BastiWood Craft
BijnorWood Craft
BulandshaharCeramic Product
ChitrakootWooden Toys
DeoriaDecorative Products
EtawahTextile Products
EtahAnkle Bells, Bells and Brass Products
FarrukhabadTextile Printing
FatehpurBedsheets and Iron Fabrication Works
Gautam Buddh NagarReadymade Garments
GhazipurJute Wall Hanging
GhaziabadEngineering Goods
GondaFood Processing (Pulses)
HapurHome Furnishing
HathrasHing Asafoetida
JalaunHandmade Paper Art
JaunpurWoollen Carpets (Dari)
JhansiSoft Toys
KannaujPerfume (Attar)
Kanpur DehatAluminum Utensils
Kanpur NagarLeather Products
KasganjZari Zardozi
KaushambiFood Processing (Banana)
KushinagarBanana Fiber Products
Lakhimpur KheriTribal Craft
LalitpurZari Silk Sarees
LucknowChikankari & Zari Zardozi
MahobaGaura Stone Craft
MainpuriTarkashi Art
MathuraSanitary Fittings
MauPowerloom Textile
MeerutSports Products
MoradabadMetal Craft
PratapgarhAamla Products
PrayagrajMoonj Products
RaebareliWood Work
RampurApplique Work along with Patch Work, Zari Patchwork
SaharanpurWood Crafting
SambhalHandicraft (Horn-Bone)
Sant Kabir NagarBrassware Craft
ShahjahanpurZari Zardozi
ShamliIron Arts
ShravastiTribal Craft
SiddharthnagarKala Namak Rice
SitapurCarpet (Dari)
SultanpurMoonj Products
UnnaoZari Zardozi
VaranasiBanarasi Silk Saree

Under the ODOP programme, the state government of Uttar Pradesh offers various credit facilities and subsidies under four different categories of schemes for promoting infrastructure development, providing seamless access to finance, initiating skill development and providing marketing assistance to manufacturers of the unique product in a particular district.

Based on a district’s strengths, ODOP has been a transformational step towards realising the true potential of a district, fuel economic growth and generate employment and rural entrepreneurship. The scheme’s implementation in Uttar Pradesh has enhanced the state’s export capacity by over 30 per cent since 2018 (the year ODOP was launched by Uttar Pradesh) recording a staggering export of around INR 89,000 crore ($12.1 bn) in 2019-20. Under the special drive of ODOP and Vishwakarma Shram Samman, 3.14 lakh entrepreneurs have been benefitted.

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