Ungal Thokuthiyil Muthalamaichar Scheme
Ungal Thokuthiyil Muthalamaichar Scheme

Ungal Thokuthiyil Muthalamaichar Scheme

About the Ungal Thokuthiyil Muthalamaichar Scheme

The Tamil Nadu government launched the “Ungal Thokuthiyil Muthalamaichar Scheme” on July 16, 2021, to allow people in the state to report their grievances directly to the government. Under this scheme, people can submit their grievances by calling the “Complaint CM Helpline number” or registering their complaints on the official website. This scheme aims to ensure that common people of Tamil Nadu can communicate their problems and concerns to the government for quick resolution

objectives of this scheme

The primary objective of this scheme is to provide a platform for the common people of Tamil Nadu to express their grievances to the government directly. The Tamil Nadu government has set a target to resolve all complaints within 100 days of submission. The scheme aims to ensure that citizens receive their rightful benefits and services without any delay. Some of the specific objectives of this scheme are:

  • To provide a transparent and efficient grievance redressal mechanism for citizens.
  • To address citizen complaints and grievances in a timely and effective manner.
  • To make the government more accountable and responsive to the needs of citizens.

Stalin has ordered the Tamil Nadu state team in charge of this project, to take appropriate action within 30 days of submission of complaints and to resolve complaints completely within 100 days.

So far 3 lakh 51 thousand 486 DPDCs have been received under this scheme, out of which about one lakh ninety thousand petitions have been received and more than 85 thousand petitions have already been resolved.

Full Overview Of  Ungal Thokuthiyil Muthalamaichar Scheme

Name of SchemeTamil Nadu CM Helpline Portal
AnnouncementGovernment of Tamil Nadu
State NameTamil Nadu
ImplementationUpdated On 2023
ObjectivesTo provide citizens of Tamil Nadu with a single platform to register their grievances, and to ensure timely and efficient redressal of the same
BeneficiariesAll citizens of Tamil Nadu
Application StartsAlways Open
ProcessOnline registration through mobile number/email
Official Websitehttps://cmhelpline.tnega.org/portal/ta/home

Eligibility Criteria

People of all castes, and all religions, of Tamilnadu state can file their grievances

Through this scheme, the common people of Tamilnadu state can express their grievances against the government and if their grievances are found to be valid, their grievances will be redressed within 100 days.


  • The services provided under the Tamil Nadu Ungal Thokuthiyil Muthalamaichar Scheme are widely accessible to citizens.
  • The scheme is delivered through multiple channels including a helpline number (1100), web portal, mobile app, email, and post.
  • This ensures that citizens can easily access the service using their preferred mode of communication.
  • The multiple channels also help to ensure that the scheme is inclusive and reaches all sections of society, including those who may not have access to digital technology.

The Tamil Nadu Government’s Ungal Thokuthiyil Muthalamaichar Scheme provides numerous benefits to the people of Tamil Nadu by enabling them to report their complaints directly to the government. One of the benefits of submitting complaints through this scheme is that citizens can receive government welfare programs or assistance, which they are eligible for, but are currently barred from receiving.

In addition, people can report their grievances regarding damage to government and public property, street lights, canal blockage, water stagnation, and other common issues. The scheme also allows complaints to be submitted in both Tamil and English and allows source documents, photos, and videos to be attached to complaints up to 20 MB in size. If there are any unexplained questions in the complaint form, people can leave a comment in the designated section or contact the Help Center or the “Contact Us” address displayed on the bottom of the Website user dashboard. Overall, the Ungal Thokuthiyil Muthalamaichar Scheme is a great initiative by the Tamil Nadu Government, which enable the common people with a direct platform to report their grievances and seek redressal.

Required documents

The Tamil Nadu Ungal Thokuthiyil Muthalamaichar Scheme aims to facilitate the resolution of public grievances by the state government. While registering a complaint under the scheme, certain documents may be required to support the complaint. These documents can include identity proof, address proof, and any other relevant documents related to the complaint. It is essential to ensure that all the required documents are submitted in the correct format to avoid delays in processing the complaint.

how to apply

The CM Helpline is a system that allows citizens to easily file grievances and have them resolved quickly. You can use this service anytime and from anywhere via different channels, including a helpline number, a web portal, a mobile app, email, and post. Once you file your grievance, you can track its status, ask questions, and even provide suggestions for improvement. This system ensures that your grievance is addressed by a single point of contact, a call centre, which redirects and tracks it to the appropriate government office for speedy resolution.

Applying to the Chief Minister’s Integrated and Inclusive Public Grievance Management System (IIPGCMS):

  • Call the 1100 toll-free number to file a grievance.
  • Complaint through the IIPGCMS website
  • Send an email to Cmhelpline@Tn.Gov.In to file a grievance.
  • Submit a grievance through the “Contact Us” section on the IIPGCMS website.
  • Reach out through the Facebook and Twitter pages of the IIPGCMS to file a grievance.
  • Visit your nearest Public Service Center (CSC) to file a grievance (Note: this service center is set to open soon).

Complaint through the IIPGCMS website

Here are the steps to apply for the Ungal Thokuthiyil Muthalamaichar Scheme through the official website:

  • Visit the official website of the scheme,The link of which we have mentioned below for your convenience
  • If you are a new user, click on the “Sign up” button and enter your name and mobile number, then complete registration by entering the OTP sent to your mobile number
  • Click on “File a Grievance” link on the homepage
  • Fill out the grievance form with accurate information, including your name, email, address, mobile number, description of complaint, government department, local body, and grievance type
  • You can upload relevant documents up to 20MB in size
  • Click on “Submit”
  • If you are a registered user, simply enter your mobile number and proceed.
  • Their complaints will be brought to the attention of the concerned officials and the status of the complaint will be informed through SMS

Tracking Complaint Status:

  • Enter your mobile number and the OTP sent to your number
  • then you will redirected to “My Dashboard”section
  • there You can check the status of your complaint online

If you have any questions or doubts regarding the Ungal Thokuthiyil Muthalamaichar Scheme, you can easily find answers in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section on the website. This section provides comprehensive information on common queries and doubts that people may have about the scheme. So, instead of searching for answers elsewhere, you can save time and effort by checking out the FAQ section on the official website.

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