Tamil Nadu Makkalai Thedi Maruthuvam Scheme
Tamil Nadu Makkalai Thedi Maruthuvam Scheme

Tamil Nadu Makkalai Thedi Maruthuvam Scheme

About Tamil Nadu Makkalai Thedi Maruthuvam Scheme

Tamil Nadu Makkalai Thedi Maruthuvam Scheme is a free doorstep healthcare initiative launched by the Tamil Nadu state government to provide medical care to every household in the state, particularly for those who cannot afford the cost of treatment. The primary objective of the scheme is to reduce the death rate in the state by ensuring proper medical care and treatment for people aged 45 and above. Through this scheme, the government aims to improve the overall health system and quality of medical services in the state by providing free medical treatment, laboratory investigations, diagnostic services, medicines, surgical services, and transportation for medical emergencies.

Objective Of this Scheme

  • Free delivery of medical services at the doorstep of every home in Tamil Nadu
  • To improve the health system and quality of medical services in the state
  • Taking responsibility to ensure that a sick person gets proper treatment and recovers from his illness
  • Reducing the death rate in the state

Key Feauteres

Here are the key points about the Makkalai Thedi Maruthuvam Scheme, also known as the Tamil Nadu Doorstep Healthcare Scheme:

  • The scheme is currently running in seven districts of Tamil Nadu, covering over 25,000 people in just 20 days after its launch.
  • Its main objective is to provide essential health care services to people at their doorstep, especially senior citizens who require physiotherapy and poor people who cannot afford treatment for non-communicable diseases.
  • The team of doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, women public health workers, and health volunteers provides screening, diagnosis, and treatment of non-communicable diseases like hypertension and diabetes at the patient’s doorstep.
  • The scheme is implemented with a budget allocation of Rs 258 crore for the seven districts, covering 1 crore people from 30 lakh families.
  • The state government plans to implement the scheme across the entire state by the end of the year and hire 25,000 healthcare workers to provide healthcare facilities to those in need.

Full Overview Of The Scheme

Scheme NameMakkalai Thedi Maruthuvam Scheme
AnnouncementTamil Nadu Government
State NameTamil Nadu
ObjectivesTo provide doorstep healthcare services for non-communicable diseases
Target BeneficiariesCitizens above 14 years of age
Districts CoveredThanjavur, Tirunelveli, Madurai, Tiruchi, Chennai, Coimbatore, and Salem
Budget AllocationRs 258 crore
Number of Families Covered30 lakh
Medical Services ProvidedScreening, diagnosis, medical services, and medicines at doorstep
Expansion PlansStatewide implementation by end of year
Application ProcessOffline registration through health centers or district health and welfare departments

Eligibility Criteria

  • Beneficiary should be permanent resident of Tamil Nadu State
  • The benefit of this scheme will be provided only to people aged 45 years and above
  • Presently the CM of Tamil Nadu state has launched this scheme in seven districts of the state namely Thanjavur, Madurai, Coimbatore, Chennai and Salem.


  • Free medical treatment for various illnesses, including chronic diseases.
  • Free laboratory investigations and diagnostic services.
  • Free medicines and surgical services.
  • Free transportation for medical emergencies.
  • Free follow-up care for patients with chronic illnesses.

This scheme helps to significantly reduce the mortality rate by ensuring that all citizens of the state have access to quality healthcare under this scheme, regardless of their financial background. By providing health protection to the people of Tamil Nadu, this scheme promises to bring about a positive change in the lives of countless individuals and families, thereby contributing to the overall development of the state as well as country.

Covered Treatments & Other Information

  • Hypertension
  • Diabetics
  • Diabetes and hypertension
  • Physiotherapy
  • Facilitation of medical records

Achievement Highlights

  • Door-to-door treatment facilities provided to patients.
  • Free of cost treatment facilities provided to patients 45 years of age and above.
  • 7522 patients out of the 7500 eligible beneficiaries have received treatment services.
  • Ramanathapuram district has covered about 13,586 patients by providing them with treatment services.
  • 5,217 patients have received treatment for both hypertension and diabetes.
  • 25,000 health workers have been included in providing free medical care services to patients.


  • The scheme has been expanded to various districts of Tamil Nadu.
  • The benefit of the scheme will also be expanded to patients aged 45 years and above.

Treatment Statistics:

  • Hypertension – 3,814 patients
  • Diabetics – 1,456 patients
  • Diabetes and hypertension – 1,742 patients
  • Physiotherapy – 268 patients
  • Miscellaneous treatment – 243 patients

Facilitation of Unique Health ID:

  • A Unique Health ID will be provided to beneficiaries of the scheme to facilitate digital record-keeping in hospital databases.

Application Requests:

  • Around 2 lakh applicants have applied for the scheme in the Ramanathapuram district.
  • Around 25,617 applicants have applied under the Tamil Nadu Doorstep Healthcare Scheme.

Formation of Medical Team:

  • A Medical Team consisting of women public health workers, health volunteers, physiotherapists, and nurses has been formed for providing home-to-home treatment of hypertension and diabetes.
  • The government plans to hire 2500 health workers for this medical team.

Required Documents

The following documents are required to apply for the Makkalai Thedi Maruthuvam Scheme

  • residential proof
  • Aadhar card
  • Voter card
  • Age certificate
  • passport size photo
  • Valid Mobile number

How to Apply

Govt Of tamilnadu has announced this project few days ago so no online process is started yet regarding the application process of this project, we will inform you in this article if we get information about any application of this process.

To know more about this scheme you can visit your nearest health center orthe concerned district health and welfare department

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