Sabooj Sathi Prakalpa
Sabooj Sathi Prakalpa

Sabooj Sathi Prakalpa

About Sabooj Sathi Prakalpa

The State Government of West Bengal has launched a new project called “Sabooj Sathi Prakalpa” to facilitate school travel for the students of West Bengal. Through which the State Government of West Bengal will provide one bicycle each to all the students of class 9 in the State of West Bengal for the convenience of school travel so that they can travel to distant schools for their higher education.

A report found that the number of school dropouts in west bengal has dropped significantly since the project was launched

objectives of this scheme

  • Providing Travel Facilities To Students In Remote Schools/Very Long Distance Schools
  • Reducing The Number Of School Dropouts Students in the mid age


  • The Applicant Student Must Be A Permanent Resident Of The State Of West Bengal
  • The Applicant Student Has To Study In A Government School
  • All Students In Class Nine Will Be Able To Avail The Benefits Of This Project


The West Bengal State Government will provide one bicycle to each of the students in class nine

The Application Procedure And The Required Documents And All Other Details Can be Obtained From The School Of The Applicant Student

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