Punjab Bank Tie-Up Scheme
Punjab Bank Tie-Up Scheme

Punjab Bank Tie-Up Scheme

Introduction to Punjab Bank Tie-Up Scheme

The Punjab Bank Tie-Up Scheme, facilitated by the Punjab Scheduled Castes Land Development & Finance Corporation (PSCLDFC), is a program designed to provide loans and subsidies to individuals from Scheduled Castes residing below the poverty line in the state of Punjab. This scheme is a 100% state-sponsored initiative that aims to uplift the economic status of eligible applicants through financial assistance.

Full Overview

The Punjab Bank Tie-Up Scheme works with various banks to offer loans to permanent residents of Punjab who belong to the Scheduled Caste category and live below the poverty line. The PSCLDFC provides subsidies to eligible individuals. The government of India provides the funds for the subsidy through the SCA channel. The subsidy can be up to 50% of the total loan amount, with a maximum limit of ₹10,000/-. Banks within the state provide the loan amount in accordance with RBI guidelines


  • Facilitating the financial support to Punjab’s Scheduled Caste residents living below the poverty line.
  • Boosting economic empowerment and improve the financial well-being of eligible individuals.
  • To Encourage entrepreneurship and self-sufficiency among the Scheduled Caste community.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the Punjab Bank Tie-Up Scheme, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be a citizen of India.
  • Should be a permanent resident or domicile of Punjab.
  • Belong to the Scheduled Caste category.
  • Must be living below the poverty line (BPL).
  • Annual family income should not exceed ₹67,649/- (rural areas) or ₹88,756/- (urban areas).
  • Should not already be benefiting from the scheme.


  • Capital subsidy of up to 50% of the total loan amount, capped at ₹10,000/-.
  • Loans provided by various banks within the state.
  • Interest rates determined according to RBI guidelines.

Required Documents

Applicants need to submit the following documents:

  • Duly attested application form.
  • Residential or domicile certificate of Punjab.
  • Caste certificate.
  • Property valuation certificate (for mortgaged property).
  • Property map.
  • Farad Zama Bandi.
  • Copy of property registry (if self-purchased).
  • Affidavit regarding the loan.
  • 3 passport-sized photographs (signed across).
  • Employer certificate, salary certificate, and surety bond (if applicable).
  • Aadhaar card.
  • Bank account details (bank name, branch, IFSC, etc.).
  • Income certificate.

How to Apply

Offline Application Process:

  1. Obtain the Application Form (Form-I, Form-II) from the official website of PSCLDFC or District Offices.
  2. Fill in the mandatory fields, attach required documents, and submit the form to the District Office.
  3. Get a receipt/acknowledgment of successful submission.

Post-Application Process:

  1. District Manager forwards the application to the concerned bank for joint verification.
  2. Banks sanction the cases and claim subsidies.
  3. Cases go through District level committee for approval.
  4. Banks disburse loans and subsidies to beneficiaries.

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