Chai Bagicha Dhan Puraskar Mela scheme
Chai Bagicha Dhan Puraskar Mela scheme

Chai Bagicha Dhan Puraskar Mela scheme

About Chai Bagicha Dhan Puraskar Mela scheme

We know Assam is a major tea-producing state and Assam’s red tea is world-renowned but there are many disadvantages behind the production of this tea, this tea is made, through the collection, sorting, and mechanization of the tea leaves which is really very dangerous, sometimes the death of the tea worker by snake bite in the tea garden or the attack of violent animals and sometimes the inability of the workers in the tea factory (disabled by machinating working) is common. Announced to give. That’s why the Assam government has launched this “Chai Bagicha Dhan Puraskar Mela” award scheme

Under this scheme workers from tea gardens will get Rs 3000/- cash in their bank accounts, Rs 182 Cr has been allotted for this scheme. According to the reports, during demonetization 6.58 Lac tea garden workers have started using bank accounts for the first time.

Objective Of This Scheme

  • Awarding the tea workers of Assam for this brave work
  • Providing financial assistance to tea workers in Assam

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicant must be a permanent resident of Assam state
  • Only those who work in tea plantations are eligible for the scheme
  • Applicant must belong to BPL category


Assam State Government will pay Rs 8000 in three installments to all tea workers

Required Document

  • Residential certificate
  • Identification Documents ((voter ID card, driving licence, PAN Card, Aadhar Card, passport etc)

How To Apply

The application for this scheme has been started long ago and the benefits of this scheme have also been distributed, if you have not yet applied for this scheme then you can contact your nearest government office or tea union committee (Under assam govt).

Official guidelines of the Chai Bagicha Dhan Puraskar Mela scheme

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