Bihar Krishi Vaniki Yojana
Bihar Krishi Vaniki Yojana

Bihar Krishi Vaniki Yojana

About Bihar Krishi Vaniki Yojana

The Hon’ble Chief Minister of Bihar, Nitish Kumar has launched a new scheme called “Krishi Vaniki Yojana” to improve agriculture in the state of Bihar and keep the environment pollution free. There are mainly two objectives behind the launch of this project, One is Through this scheme, various trees will be planted through the formation of nurseries which will keep the state pollution-free and green On the other hand, this project will also help to increase the income of farmers in the state


  • Planting trees to keep the state of Bihar pollution-free and maintaining adequate oxygen supply
  • To increase the income of farmers
  • To Proper use of those lands, where agriculture such as paddy, wheat, and other crops cultivation, cannot be done, (So this project will ensure a proper use of those lands by planting varieties of trees and also this project will help people to make some extra income)

Full Overview Of Bihar Krishi Vaniki Yojana

Name Of SchemeBihar Krishi Vaniki Yojana
Launched ByHon’ble Chief Minister Of Bihar, Nitish Kumar
State NameBihar
ObjectivesTo keep the state pollution free in addition to increasing farmers’ income
IncentiveRs 70/ tree (after 3 years) {with Terms and conditions}
BeneficiariesFarmers of Bihar state
Application StartsAlready Started
Process Offline Registration
Official Website

Eligibility Criteria

  • participating Candidates in this scheme must be a resident of the Bihar state
  • All small and large farmers in the state of Bihar will be able to participate in this project
  • The applicant farmer must have Rs 20,000/- as capital amount under this scheme in his bank account
  • Under this scheme, farmers have to take at least 25 seedlings, There is no maximum limit for the purchase of seedlings
  • All Participating Candidates Will Be Able To Select And Collect Any Tree Of Their Choice
  • All the participants in this project will have to pay Rs 10 per tree which will be refunded to that person later


This project has many advantages, of which we have explained the main advantages below

  • This project will help keep the state pollution-free
  • Through this scheme, if the farmers can save 50% of all the trees they have bought, for the next 3 years, then they will get a grant of Rs 60 per tree from the Bihar government. And In addition, they will be refunded the 10 rupees per tree for which they used to buy the seedlings in primary, So a total of 70 rupees will be given to the farmer per tree
  • The tree will be completely owned by the farmers who purchased it, so the profit that will be made while cutting the tree will be fully borne by those farmers (but the tree will not be cut down till it is old enough).

Cost Per tree while buying

All participating farmers have to pay an initial fee of Rs 10 for each tree sapling which will be refunded to the farmers after three years.

Which seedlings farmer can buy?

Farmers can purchase Various popular trees such as Heesham, Guava, Gambhar, Amla, Mahogany, Teak, Peepal, Jamun, Kachnar, Gulmohar, Mango, Eucalyptus, Neem, Kadam, Bahera, Palas, etc.

Required documents

  • land ownership certificate
  • Updated rent receipt
  • Photocopy of lease deed
  • Bank passbook details proof of deposit of 20 thousand rupees in the bank

When the Farmer Can Apply In this Scheme

Generally By June 01 to June 30th, every year

where the farmers can apply for this scheme & where they can purchase the seedlings

Farmers need to apply by contacting the nearest Regional Forest office,

also, this Scheme has an online application, to apply online in this scheme you need to go to your nearest service center, Sathya Mitra Kendra, or any data center

Online Application Method – PDF MANUAL

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