Assam Sneha Sparsha scheme
Assam Sneha Sparsha scheme

Assam Sneha Sparsha scheme

About Assam Sneha Sparsha scheme

Sneha Sparsha, literally meaning the “touch of love”, is the recent unique Health Care Initiative for Children below 12 years of age launched by the Department of Health & Family Welfare, Government of Assam.

Through this project, the Government of Assam will provide financial medical assistance to children below the age of 12, who have fallen victim to a serious illness. To treat the child suffering from such deadly diseases for a long time, Families have to face many problems due to lack of financial resources, as well as those children also have to struggle a lot. The Assam government has taken this step considering all those helpless poor children and their families.

Objectives of the scheme

  • Reducing infant mortality rate and Increasing the child recovery rate from various deadly diseases
  • To provide proper and quality treatment to the children of poor helpless families
  • To bear the cost of ultra-high-end specialized treatment

Eligibility Criteria of Beneficiaries

  • The applicant must be a legal permanent resident of Assam
  • Beneficiaries must be from BPL (below poverty line) families
  • Families with an annual income less than Rs 2.50 Lakh will be eligible to apply in this scheme (latest update: no bar annual income limitation)

Full Overview Of Assam Sneha Sparsha scheme

Name of SchemeAssam Sneha Sparsha scheme
Launched byAssam Health and Family Welfare Department
State NameAssam
Implementation15th April 2013
Objectivesprovide proper and quality treatment to the children of poor helpless families
IncentiveFull treatment fees
Beneficiary1-12 years children of Assam
Application StartsAlways open
Process Offline Registration
Official Website


The rates notified are indicatives and the actual admissible amount shall be fixed through a transparent process.

i. Bone Marrow Transplant:

 Children with Leukemia (Blood Cancer) and other conditions like Thalassemia, in which Bone Marrow Transplant may be considered as a mode of treatment. The Snehasparsha Scheme will offer financial assistance up to Rs 15.00 lakhs per case for referral of such cases to leading Hospitals outside the state equipped with facilities for such treatment.

ii. Cochlear implant:

Children in need of a Cochlear implant will be given assistance up to Rs 5.35 lakhs per case for referral of such cases to Public/ Private hospitals outside the State or in the State including Medical College & Hospital, if necessary.

iii. Liver transplant:

 For children in need of Liver transplants, the scheme will offer financial assistance of up to Rs 16.00 Lakhs per case. The necessary arrangement shall be made for referral of such cases to leading Hospitals outside the state with state-of-the-art facilities for such treatment.

iv. Kidney Transplant:

Similarly, children in need of Renal transplants will be given financial assistance up to 10.00 lakhs per case for referral of such cases to Public/ Private Hospitals outside the State or in the State, if necessary.

v. Artificial Limbs:

 Children in need of Artificial Limbs will be provided with financial assistance of up to Rs 2.00 lakhs for Cosmetic Limbs and up to Rs 5.00 Lakhs if Motorized Artificial Limbs are considered necessary.

vi. Blood Cancer:
For treatment of Blood Cancer in children with Chemotherapy, financial assistance up to Rs 5.00 Lakhs per case will be given.

vii. Specialized Eye Surgery:

For children in need of Specialized Eye Surgery like Retinal Surgery or Posterior Segment Procedures, an amount of Rs 50,000/- will be given as assistance.

viii. Tumors:

Children suffering from various types of solid tumors needing costly investigations and treatment with Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy will be given financial assistance of up to Rs 3.00 lakhs/- per case.

ix. Neurological Anomalies:

Children born with Neurological Anomalies like Hydrocephalus and Spina Bifida will be given assistance up to Rs 3.00 lakhs for investigation, surgical treatment, and rehabilitation.

X. Thalassemia:

Financial assistance of Rs 3.00 Lakhs will be provided to children suffering from thalassemia, who are not fit for Bone marrow Transplants but require specialized treatment like splenectomy, blood, and associated medicines.

Required Documents

  • Identity Card (Dark, Voter, Ration Card)
  • Beneficiaries or guardians are required to submit an Income Certificate issued by the competent authority like the Deputy Commissioner, Sub-Divisional Officer, Circle Officer, or any other authority notified from time to time by the government to be eligible for financial assistance.
  • Photograph of the Patient
  • Birth Certificate
  • Income Certificate
  • Residential Certificate
  • Patient Disease Prescription

How to Apply

  • Step 1: Download the official Sneha sparsh form, WHICH LINK WE HAVE GIVEN below
  • Step 2: Fill out the Application Form Very Carefully
  • Step 3: Attach All required documents
  • Step 4: Send it to the address mentioned at the bottom of the form
  • And if the applicants want to get free Cerebral Palsy treatment then online registration is available, for that you have to go to the official website of this scheme the link of which we have given below for your convenience.
  • There you need to provide the mobile number for your registration
  • An official form will appear in front of you, you will need to fill in all the required forms in the form and upload all the required documents, then click on the submit button.
  • We will recommend you apply this scheme by going to a hospital or an E-Mitra center instead doing it Yourself

Go to The Official Website Of the Snehasparsh Scheme- CLICK HERE

And if a person has already applied for this project then he can easily check his application status by clicking on the link of the website provided above, then clicking on the “Check My Application Status” option.

Now input the registration number of your “Snehasparsh” scheme and click on the search option then you will see the status of your Sneha Sparsh scheme

applicants also can check the screened patient list through this website

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