Assam Amrit Brikshya Andolan
Assam Amrit Brikshya Andolan

Assam Amrit Brikshya Andolan


The Assam Amrit Brikshya Andolan is a plan to make Assam greener and provide financial help to its residents. It was started by Chief Minister Shri Himanta Biswa Sharma. The program encourages everyone to plant seedlings throughout the state. The goal of this pogram is to plant 1 crore seedlings in just two hours on September 17, 2023

The Assam Amrit Brikshya Andolan is a plan to make the state better by working together. It helps protect the environment and gives people money for planting trees. If you plant a small tree and it grows for three years, you can get Rs 100 at first and then another Rs 200 later.


The primary objectives of the Assam Amrit Brikshya Andolan are:

  1. To significantly enhance the green cover of Assam by planting 1 crore seedlings.
  2. To provide financial assistance to participants for planting and nurturing seedlings.
  3. To promote a tree-based economy and environmental sustainability in the state.

Full Details Of Assam Amrit Brikshya Andolan

Scheme NameAssam Amrit Brikshya Andolan
Launching AuthorityChief Minister Shri Himanta Biswa Sharma
ObjectiveEnhance green cover of Assam and promote environmental sustainability
TargetPlant 1 crore seedlings within 2 hours on September 17, 2023
Seedling SourceProvided by state government at no cost
Financial IncentivesRs. 100 per planted seedling; additional Rs. 200 for each surviving seedling after 3 years
RegistrationOnline through ADA Web Portal and Amrit Brikshya Andolan mobile app
ImpactContributing to environmental conservation and a sustainable ecosystem
EligibilityResidents of Assam; Beneficiaries: Individuals, Institutions, SHG members, Workers, Industries, Village Defence Party, etc.
Documentation RequiredPhoto ID Card, Aadhaar Card, Registered Mobile Number, Bank Details
Application ProcessVisit official website, select beneficiary category, fill form, upload documents, provide bank details, submit form
Contact InformationHelpline Number: 0361-2724222; Email:

Features & Benefits

The Assam Amrit Brikshya Andolan offers the following features and benefits:

  1. Assam will create a record by planting 1 billion seedlings in a mere two hours on September 17.
  2. All the seedlings required for the initiative will be provided by the state government at no cost.
  3. Participants will receive Rs. 100 from the government for each planted seedling.
  4. An additional financial grant of Rs. 200 will be given for each seedling that survives for three years.
  5. Online registration through the ADA Web Portal and Amrit Brikshya Andolan mobile app eliminates the need for physical visits.
  6. The initiative will significantly contribute to making Assam a more ecologically friendly state.

Plants Eligible for Funding

The following plant varieties are eligible for financial support under the Assam Amrit Brikshya Andolan:

  • Sal
  • Mahogany
  • Hollong
  • Ghora Neem
  • Gamari
  • Bogipoma


The beneficiaries of the Assam Amrit Brikshya Andolan include:

  • Individuals
  • Institutions
  • Self-Help Group (SHG) members
  • Anganwadi Workers
  • ASHA Workers
  • Industries
  • Tea Garden Workers
  • Village Defence Party

Eligibility Criteria

To participate in the Assam Amrit Brikshya Andolan, individuals must meet the following criteria:

  1. Reside in the state of Assam.
  2. All residents of the state are eligible for the program.
  3. Geotagged photos must be uploaded to claim financial benefits.
  4. Benefits are exclusively available to specified beneficiaries.
  5. The applicant’s bank account must be linked to Aadhaar.

Required Documents

Essential documents for the Assam Amrit Brikshya Andolan include:

  • Photo ID Card
  • Aadhar Card
  • Registered Mobile Number
  • Bank Details

How to Apply

To register for the Assam Amrit Brikshya Andolan, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official website,which link we have given below for your convenience
  2. Click on the Registration button.
  3. Select your category from the provided list.
  4. Complete the registration form with personal details.
  5. Upload a photo ID proof.
  6. Provide bank account details.
  7. Enter the received OTP.
  8. Submit the form after completing the captcha.

Contact Details

For further information or assistance related to the Assam Amrit Brikshya Andolan, reach out to:

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